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Our biennial meeting for support group leaders is coming up on Oct. 24-25. Make sure we have your correct contact information because we want YOU to be there and we want YOUR support group to be represented as part of the state organization. Questions?..

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One decision to make as a home educator is what to teach yourself and what to outsource. In our home, we outsourced very little. Other home educators outsource more, while maintaining control of their child(ren)’s educational experience. One parent once..

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So, what does the summer hold for you? Are you “year rounders”? Do you use the summer as planning time? What would some of our homeschool vets recommend as the best way to transition from year to year?

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TPA of Wichita will be hosting the homeschool conference May 30-31. Click below for more.

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See the link below for more detailed information on Midwest Parent Educators upcoming conference on April 4 & 5.

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HSLDA asks we continue to pray regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s consideration of whether to take this case of a German family persecuted for homeschooling as they seek asylum in the U.S. See more at:

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In order to preserve our homeschool freedom, each year CHECK hosts an event in Topeka designed to communicate with our legislators about the value and fruit of Kansas homeschooling. On Thursday evening (Feb 20), we are hosting a legislative reception..

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Forwarding Midwest Parent Educators called to listen to HSLDA on all of us in Kansas to support HB 2621: “an excellent bill that would neutralize the Common Core threat in Kansas. But it faces a crucial test in committee Wednesday. It needs your help!..

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For those wanting to explore college options…

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MPE (Kansas City)’s conference is less than two months away. See the link for more information and put the date on your calender.

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