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Do you balance homeschooling around an unusual work schedule? If so, what have you found most effective in making it work?

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How much of homeschooling should you share on social media? Great tips from veteran homeschoolers!

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Sleep, Clean, #Homeschool: 9 tips for household management

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“To see your child expressing great thankfulness and love to other special and influential individuals in their lives and to see the blessing it is for those individuals to feel so honored is a blessing I won’t forget.”

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Do you have other resources to add to this list?

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“Socialization – interacting with people different from you – can and should happen within any #homeschool, not just in a public school.”

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If you’re withdrawing your child from public or private school, you’ll need one of these!

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4 ways the PSAT can help homeschool students:

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5 tips on storing #homeschool curriculum:

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A list of things to look for at each homeschool stage, along with helpful resources!

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