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“If this is your first year when your kids don’t climb onto that yellow school bus, it’s perfectly normal to feel some qualms (or even panic!).”

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See these great suggestions for homeschool time management and add your own in the comments!

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Some helpful ways to explore Kansas City (and the state of Kansas) without breaking the bank:

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If you’ve ever struggled with homeschooling, here’s great encouragement from veterans who’ve been there with you:

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If you’ve never been to one of Midwest Parent Educators’ Encouragement Days, now’s a great time to prepare for next year!

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Handy list of FAQs for choosing a name for your homeschool:

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13 great day trips from Kansas City: #KC

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What’s your favorite homeschool resource?

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5 places to find summer reading books for your homeschool:

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Do you homeschool over the summer? If so, what does that look like?

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